Viennese Cuisine

The ``Viennese Cuisine`` has different origins, which can already be fixed in 1600. At that time there it got a strong Italian influence, later a French one, which manifested in the word “Bouillon”. Influences from the regions
of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy brought such wondrous meals, such as the “Wiener Schnitzel” of fine veal meat, a delicious “Gulasch” (goulash) in all its variations, delicious boiled beef (“Tafelspitz”) with horseradish-apple and horseradish-white bread - chutney (“Apfel- and Semmelkren”) - just to name a few highlights and not to forget the wonderful pastries, led by pancakes and the incomparable “Gugelhupf”.Choose from our wide range and delight yourself in the classics!